This is Bokwang Co., Ltd. Bokwang Co., Ltd., Which manufactures NYLON TAFFETA, FD, NP, DOBBY, R/S as main product, was founded in 1984. Bokwang Co., Ltd., took its place as Korea‘s leading company in related circles with the best quality products and superior competitiveness through innovations in manufacturing process for NYLON field. Bokwang has also produced high value-added products and purchased diversified management operation. We perform strict qualify control and process management to make its customers fully satisfied with the fabrics we produce. Futhermore, Bokwang would not stay in the domestic market any longer. The trend of globalization forces us to extend oversea market. Bokwang will grow up steadily and become a best textile company in the planet therefore, We‘re focusing on developing new skills and unique technique. Bokwang will welcome 21 century with heaps of hopes. sincerely Bo Kwang Co., LTD. Oversea division Assistant Manager J Y BAE offical E-mail : private E-mail : casinocrackcrackcrackcrackcrackcrackcrackcrack