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The Daegu Universiade is not an event for sports lovers only, but is also providing a golden opportunity to those hoping to satisfy their cultural appetite.

Even the college athletes who have come from around the world in pursuit of gold medals are sure to find something to get excited about among the artistic and cultural events that range from fashion shows to performance art.

The events are largely aimed at showcasing the characteristics of Daegu and other host cities in North Gyeongsang Province, which boast various historical assets as well as an advanced textile industry and cutting-edge technology.

Organizers stress that they are focusing more efforts on cultural arts festivals than they did during other international sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup.

"The Universiade is for college amateurs, distinguishing itself from other sporting events," said Lee Seung-jin, chief official in charge of the ceremony and cultural events at the organizing committee.

Although the curtain has already been brought down on many events, the full-scale show has yet to start, he added.

A multi-dimensional digital image show will last from Aug. 14 through Sept. 1 at the Cultural Exhibition Hall located in the Athletes' Village.

Filmed images will help spectators get a glimpse of Korean traditions, showcasing conventional lifestyles, customs, pottery and other crafts as well as tourist attractions.

Also expected to electrify the Universiade participants are music festivals on the special stage at the International Zone of the Athletes' Village.

The shows slated for Aug. 20-30 will range from a set of traditional Korean music and dance to rock music and orchestral performances, with special programs such as taekwondo classes and experience of the traditional clothing known as "hanbok."

Fireworks will be also added to Daegu's beautiful night skyline for an hour from 9 p.m. each night during the Universiade period.

A world university group fashion festival is to take place at the Fashion Center Korea from Aug. 21-23 in line with the Universiade, emphasizing Daegu's status as South Korea's fashion capital.

Other games venues in North Gyeongsang Province will be turned into a vast stage for cultural events.

Gyeongju World Cultural Exposition, which started on Aug. 13 and finishes on Oct. 23, is drawing a number of visitors from home and abroad.

In Cheongdo, visitors will be able to enjoy Korean traditional bullfighting.

"The Daegu Universiade will serve as an opportunity to achieve unity and mutual understanding among the people of the global village through sporting and cultural events," said Daegu Mayor Cho Hae-nyoung, who is also president of the organizing committee.