Subject Korea Textile Center opens branches in Moscow
Name admin Date 2005-08-09
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The Korea Textile Center (KTC) has been active in its promotion of textile exports as it opened yet another branch in Shanghai on June 23, following the opening of its Moscow branch on March 25.

KTC is a marketing and sales promotion body for textile manufacturers in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, which are expanding their exports to four new emerging markets called BRICs. BRICs stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The two centers will be at the vanguard of developing new markets in the BRICs countries through a variety of sales activities including publicity, collecting orders and gathering information on the local markets.

They will also focus on developing new items that fit the taste of local customers as they participate in textile expos for publicity activities.

Sending invitations and setting up consultations with local buyers are other missions of the centers, along with their regular presentations.

Twenty-seven companies are joining forces in operating the center at present, displaying their products in the exhibition room and promoting sales.

The openings of KTC's branch offices in Moscow and Shanghai are expected to encourage more companies to join.

A total outlay of 7.9 billion won was set aside for the comprehensive project of opening four overseas branches including one each in Brazil and India by 2008.

Two billion won out of 7.9 billion won came from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, three billion won from the Daegu municipal government, 600 million won from North Gyeongsang Province and the remaining 2.3 billion won from the textile manufacturers.

KTC plans to open its textile center in Brazil to secure a foothold for advancing into the markets of South America.